Meet our Team

Our experienced facilitators have been on the front line working directly with youth of all ages and have experience creating partnerships with families, administrators and other stakeholders necessary for quality programming.

Jasmine Castleberry, Chief Executive Officer | Principal Consultant

Our chief consultant: Jasmine Castleberry has spent over 15 years in youth development and out-of-school time programming. From front-line program work with the YMCA, to program accountability and design at the revered Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City Jasmine has acquired a broad-based knowledge of how to make OST programs work. Through her work leading multiple continuous quality improvement efforts she has developed performance-based, goal-oriented solutions through effective staff management and solid relationships with new and existing partners, resulting in enhanced business practices and increased productivity. Her ability to connect with any audience and specialty in workshop design and facilitation allowed her to serve as a presenter at statewide and national afterschool conferences. Ultimately, Jasmine’s performance-driven passion for out-of-school time comes from the thousands of students she has seen this work serve–and the many more who could be impacted by the highest quality programming.

Michael B. Lawson, Chief Strategy Officer | Consultant

Consultant: Micheal Lawson is a media professional turned educator with 5+ years in the youth development and out-of-school time space. He brings a unique sensitivity to the needs of children and families combined with a wide breadth of knowledge and keen insight into capacity building and problem solving. Micheal has designed and facilitated countless professional development workshops on various aspects of OST. He is a highly engaging and passionate training professional who believes strongly in personal and professional development, especially in the work of developing our youth.